Prolonged sitting is something many of us are prone to in today’s day and age. We are always sitting at a computer, hunched over on our phones, or working at a desk for 8 hours away with minimal movement. If you’re like the large percentage of clients that come into our clinic, you are sitting for a large chunk of your day. According to research, up to 85% of working people who sit for prolonged periods experience some type of back pain. If you have chronic lower back or sacroiliac pain, the following information is incredibly important to understanding and addressing why you have it and how to fix it.

How To Treat It

Your pelvis is a ring-shaped structure, and your spine is balanced on the back end of this “ring.” The key to a happy lower back and pelvis is to ensure the joints that make up this structure move well and are supported by musculature that provides proper and SYMMETRIC movement patterns.

We have patients that come in for treatments and may not “hold” their pelvic or low back adjustments for Dr. Becky, or our massage therapists. They end up needing the same part worked on over and over.

“But I Didn’t Do Anything! Why Is It Hurting?”

Look at your everyday habits. Look for symmetry. Do you sleep on your stomach? Is your leg hitched up on one side? Do you sit evenly on your bones, or do you sit on an ankle? How do you sit when you watch TV? Is your spine straight or curved? Are your legs out to the side or the front? Always to one side? Do you spend a lot of time driving? And if your answer is yes, do you stretch your hip flexors, especially the right one?

Pay attention, fix those habits, and talk with your practitioner if you need any guidance. They are always there and happy to help. Stay healthy!

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