A healthy body is directly impacted by how well you practice self-care; your mental, emotional, and physical health. How well you maintain your body, protect yourself from daily stressors, and be mindful of the foods you eat.

Your car always notifies you of upcoming maintenance; you maintain your lawn, your house, and almost everything in it. Maintaining your body is just as important! But why is body maintenance necessary?

Picture for a moment that the amount of stress you can handle is a container, a basket if you will. Each stressor life throws at you adds an apple or 10 to your basket. Soon, your basket is overflowing. How do you take “apples” out? HEALTHY HABITS, such as exercising, chiropractic adjustments, getting proper rest, or doing something that nurtures you. Whether it be a hobby or activity that brings you joy, it’s beneficial to your health. These healthy habits allow you to handle more, so when life throws you a few (apple) curve-balls, it shouldn’t be overwhelming, your basket shouldn’t ever overflow.

This is where maintenance comes in!

Once your basket is empty, your work doesn’t stop there. It takes CONSISTENT EFFORT on your part to keep that basket as empty as possible. Coming in for chiropractic adjustments and massages are essential, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing to manage your stress. What else can you be doing, especially this time of year, to be emptying your basket?

Stay healthy! Come in today for a chiropractic consultation or an appointment. Meet with one of our many registered massage therapists to help reduce stress tension in your muscles. Take time for yourself, practice self-care, and pay attention to what your body is telling you. A healthy body is an absolute necessity!

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