Client Spotlight – Liana Crisolago

Liana Crisolago came into our clinic to seek nutritional counsel for a condition she was diagnosed with back in 2016. Being the strong woman that she is, Liana made the necessary changes to her diet, which ultimately lead her down a healthier path.

Read on to learn more about her initial struggles and triumphs. A true warrior!

Liana’s Experience

In December 2016, I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease. In other words, an overactive thyroid. Once my results were in, the doctor terrified me by saying my thyroid was three times higher than the normal range. He said a few things that made me take the diagnosis very seriously. At first, hearing of the diagnosis was like a jail sentence. I cried in his office, I cried for another two days after that, and the entire time, I kept thinking why me? I didn’t tell anyone but my family.

After I was done playing the victim, I thought, okay, what do I need to do now? I knew I had to make quite a few changes in my daily lifestyle, but where do I start?

I didn’t want to take any medication because I didn’t like all of the associated side effects. So I called my friend Aylin Metty, a Doctor of natural medicine and a certified & registered nutritionist. I booked an appointment with her at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy; it was the best thing I could have done for myself. With her guidance, expertise, and support, she put me on specific supplements to start. She then altered my diet and exercise routine, tailored to my condition.

At times, we think we’re eating something healthy, but in reality, we are causing more havoc on our system. Aylin was able to explain why I was unable to eat certain foods and advised me on what I should be eating and how often. This is crucial in overall health. During the entire process, I was monitored by both my endocrinologist and Aylin. My endocrinologist was monitoring my progress with blood work, and Aylin was making the necessary modifications as my health was improving.

The Result

On July 27, 2017, I visited my endocrinologist, and everything was back to normal. Both my family doctor and endocrinologist were in shock that I did this naturally, because they didn’t think it could be done. I’m grateful to my endocrinologist, who was supportive of my choice to do this naturally. And to Aylin Metty, I am thankful for her help. She brought my thyroid back to balance naturally. I couldn’t have asked for more.

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