Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson

Kevin came into our clinic, seeking nutritional advice. He was experiencing daily discomforts and wanted to find the source. Kevin’s symptoms began to worsen in December of 2017, continuing on until March 2018. And it got to the point where he couldn’t tolerate the discomfort anymore. Kevin was experiencing excessive gas, abdominal bloating, diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms created a lot of stress on his liver and gallbladder; the two organs that are very much involved in indigestion. As a result, almost everything he ate had a negative effect on his health. Because of this, Kevin was referred to Aylin Metty, our in house nutritionist.

Kevin’s Experience With Aylin

Aylin performed an IgG food intolerance test. It’s a simple finger prick test that can identify over 200 different food sensitivities. The report showed that Kevin had a very high sensitivity to dairy, wheat, and nut products. He, for instance, should be avoiding cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts and seeds. The test revealed that his diet was creating a lot of inflammation in his gut. His symptoms where just a sign of his body rejecting the foods he was eating. So Aylin prescribed a short-term juice and soup fast to give Kevin’s digestive system a break. The fast would also allow his body to purge the buildup in his system.

Kevin regularly monitors what he eats and has learned to restrict certain foods from his diet. He supplements his nutrition program with regular exercise and feels better mentally and physically. Kevin has lost over 30 lbs during the process.

That’s why it’s crucial to know what your body can tolerate. When we’re unaware of our intolerance’s, our bodies aren’t able to operate at an optimal level.

Kevin continues to make tremendous progress. Having the proper tools makes all the difference.

Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson

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