Poor posture is unfortunately prevalent in this day and age, and the main reason for that is technology! Technological advances, although wonderful, also happen to alter our spinal positioning. We are more inclined to sit all day, lean forward, and tilt our heads down while reading or using a device.

The Stats

Did you know that people spend an average of 2-4 hours per day with their heads tilted down? This is due to phone/tablet use. Reading and texting with our smartphones and electronic devices takes a toll on our bodies and most of the time, we aren’t aware of the complications that can and do occur until we feel related pain.

Cumulatively this amounts to 700 – 1,400 hours per year of excess stress placed on the cervical spine. That means we’re putting more and more stress on our neck! So, keep your head up, kid!

Tips For Correcting Poor Posture

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be aware of your body position. When you notice yourself looking down, correct your posture right away. If you start to feel pain in your neck and upper back due to poor posture, be aware of it and stretch it out. And if possible, go in for a massage or a chiropractic adjustment. The more you correct these bad habits, the sooner proper posture will become second nature.

Holding your phone at eye level will place less impact on your neck and will utilize more of the surrounding musculature to offer support, including your shoulders.

Strengthening your back muscles will also help to pull back ‘forward shoulders.’ Doing so will help alleviate upper back/neck pain associated with weaker muscles.

Poor posture stresses the spine and can lead to early wear, tear, and degeneration. In the meantime, you can help reduce postural related pain through a combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Poor Posture 2
Proper Posture

Poor Posture

Corrected Posture

Don’t wait until you feel pain to book an appointment with a member of our massage and chiropractic team. You don’t want the tension to have built up before treating the cause. 

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