The above picture is a visual representation of what happens to your body when you have a chiropractic treatment. Read on to find out why!

Chiropractic Care will help you fight!

In two of our previous articles: Your Nervous System and Nervous System Part 2: Your Childs Health, we discussed, you guessed it! The nervous system. We wrote about how it develops and works in children. Today we are going to break it down further. Vaughan Chiropractor, Dr. Becky, dips into her wealth of knowledge to share how seeing a chiropractor can help the development and nourishment of your nervous system. Dr. Becky is a chiropractor in Vaughan that also serves all surrounding areas. To learn more about her, visit her page.

The Nervous System:

The nervous system is the master system of our body. It consists of our brain, spinal cord, and all of the nerves that exit the spine to make our “body work.” It allows us to function and adapt to the environment around us. We live our lives THROUGH our nervous system. What we experience through our senses and emotions are all made possible by it.

The Autonomic Nervous System And Stress

One part of our nervous system that allows us to adapt to our environment is called our autonomic nervous system. This part controls our “rest and digest” and “fight or flight” response. We need a balance of both, but often chronic stress will cause us to get stuck in a state of fight or flight. Instead of healing the pathogens we are exposed to, our body will focus on being prepared for danger. This chronic stress wreaks havoc on our bodies. Poor digestion, sleep, and decreased immune system function are a few of the many things that suffer as a result.

How Adjustments Help

Studies have shown that after a chiropractic adjustment, the autonomic nervous system shows an improved state of balance between these two responses. Not only that, but within 15 minutes after an adjustment, participants in a study had higher white blood cell counts (WBC). These are the cells responsible for attacking germs and bacteria that we are bombarded with daily.

Not only are you helping your overall stress response, but you are temporarily boosting your immune system! Patients regularly tell us of improved immune system function as one of the “side effects” of getting adjusted.

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