Looking for a massage therapist in Woodbridge? Look no further!

At Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, we have many registered massage therapists serving Woodbridge, Vaughan, Kleinberg, and all surrounding areas that would be happy to support you.

There are many different reasons for getting a massage. It could be to de-stress, due to injury, to help with chronic pain, muscle tightness, or because of a medical issue. Whatever the reason, it will benefit you in many other ways; it’s also a great form of self-care.

If you’ve been putting off your next massage, here are five reasons why you need one:

Because You Haven’t Had One In A While

Massages are best when they are received frequently. Whether its for regular body maintenance or if you have an injury you are trying to rehab. The more often, the better, because massages help to reduce anxiety, stress, lower blood pressure, and release muscle tension. You are doing your body a service.

You’re Really Active

If you’re weight training, running, hiking, or just really active in general, you should be treating your body to massage therapy. Massages can help you be more mobile and injury-free. Another plus of having a massage is the increased oxygen and blood flow in your muscles. This will help your body recover from a workout much quicker.

You Have Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Don’t ignore your pain. You could have an injury or an imbalance that should be looked at immediately.

You’ve Got Muscle Tension

Tight shoulders, neck and back can cause tension headaches. Massage therapy can relieve tension and reduce the headaches/pain before it starts. And let’s be real, how many of us sit for an entire day at work, drive for most of the day, or do something laborious? Every movement or prolonged position can cause tension in certain areas of the body. The best thing we can do is to catch it before it becomes a problem.

Limited Mobility

If you’re having trouble moving your neck or putting your arms overhead, you may have tight muscles that are resulting in limited mobility. Massage therapy can increase mobility, reduce joint cracking, and better our natural movements.

There are many forms of massage therapy, and the type you need will be determined during a consult. The frequency of your visits are dependent on your overall health and the type of massage you require. Any of our specially trained RMT’s will be happy to work with you.

Our online booking portal is efficient and easy to use, and we offer direct billing for most insurance providers. Book your massage therapist in Woodbridge today!

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