Cancellation Policy

Dear patients: current and future

Upon coming to our clinic for the first time, you filled out a bunch of paperwork. In that paperwork, you signed a cancellation policy that says if you do not give your practitioner 24 hours notice, you will be charged for your appointment in full. This excludes any real emergencies.

When you are making an appointment with one of us, you are reserving our time so that you can receive treatment. We don’t see anyone else during the reserved time. Often, there are waiting lists to see practitioners during your scheduled time (especially on evenings and weekends). When you don’t give us notice, not only will you miss out on treatment, but so will others on the waiting list who really need that appointment, too.

Please be courteous to all of our patients by cancelling your appointment in advance.

Our practitioners love what they do. They love helping people, their patients, their friends and family. Our website is optimized for you to manage your appointments; you simply need to click ‘Book Now’ to schedule, change, or cancel your appointments. Its that easy! We try to be as understanding as we can, but please put yourselves in our shoes. If we are enforcing our cancellation policy (and trust us, we all hate doing it), it’s because we showed up when you didn’t.