Client Spotlight – Tony Raposo

Tony came into our clinic to meet with Aylin, our in house nutritionist. He came seeking advice on specific conditions and, overall, a weight loss. Working with Tony was a joy. It’s a great feeling to help a client meet their goals, and it’s even better when you see how motivated and disciplined they are.

Tony was put on the Metabolic Balance plan, and he very quickly achieved his goals, and much more.

Tony’s Experience

Within eight weeks of following my individualized Metabolic Balance food and nutrition plan, I lost 30 pounds. And today, I have surpassed my goal weight by 12 pounds! I have lost almost 50 pounds and 6 inches off my waist successfully. Metabolic Balance has taught me which foods are good for me and what I need to stay away from, it’s been a game-changer.

Since I’ve been on the metabolic balance food plan, I have more energy, better moods, a deeper and more restful sleep, and my abdominal bloating/discomfort due to celiac disease no longer exists. Previously I was continuously bloated whether I had eaten or not.

Thank you to my metabolic Balance coach, Aylin Metty, for her continued guidance, knowledge and support.

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