Client Spotlight – Jay Nahri

Jay was at the top of his game. A young tradesman; physical, strong and ambitious. But one day, his body gave him a warning that made him take his health into his own hands. That’s when we first met Jay; he has been a patient of ours ever since.

Jay is a plumber. And if you know anyone in the trade, plumbing is tough work. You frequently have to put your body into awkward positions, and it’s very physically demanding. Plumbers have to carry heavy pipes – some of them made out of cast iron, boxes of fittings, heavy tools, strings of lead, and all the machinery to go with it. A plumber has to be fit enough to traverse up and down ladders, with all of the materials they need in their hands. They use brute strength to do the job, all in posture-compromising positions.

And Then It Happened… He Hurt His Back

With a diagnosis of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, Jay would experience a great deal of pain. Just like other joints in the body, the sacroiliac joint can become inflamed, unstable and dysfunctional. This joint is a strong weight-bearing joint in the pelvis that connects the sacrum and pelvis. There are two joints, one on each side of the sacrum. Strong surrounding ligaments reinforce this joint. Both joints move equally, reciprocally, as a single unit to transmit upper body forces and provide shock absorption for the spine.

The pain from SI joint dysfunction can be felt anywhere in the lower back, spine, buttocks, pelvis, groin, or sometimes in the legs. The pain made it difficult to perform daily tasks and affected every aspect of his life.

Recommended Treatment

Dr. Becky immediately prescribed a series of chiropractic treatments and adjustments to align Jay’s SI joint. After a few visits, Jay was functioning better and relieved of the pain. Today, he visits the clinic regularly to keep his body maintained.

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