Client Spotlight – Robert Shamoun

Robert came to us with a goal in mind. He wanted to gain mobility, flexibility, and encourage his body to recover faster from the daily grind. Robert is the kind of guy you can’t stop. He’s very active; he regularly runs, trains at the gym daily, manages a business and is building an amazing family dynamic with his wife and two children.

He Actually Doesn’t Stop. Ever.

And Then There Was Pain

Robert started to have a gripping hip pain. He noticed limited range-of-motion and pain in his shoulder, it limited his ability to perform specific movements. He needed a treatment that would help him reach his goals and was tailored to his lifestyle.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation was Structural integration, a 10-week series of customized massage therapy treatments that get your body back to its original position.

This innovative treatment helped increase the mobility in Robert’s hips and shoulders; two key areas that take a ton of abuse when running and training. Not too mention driving and sitting at a desk all day. The two most common causes of poor posture.

Robert’s Results

Regular massages and chiropractic treatments have increased the quality of Robert’s life. Combining the treatments with fitness has allowed him to function better, both mentally and physically. Robert is also now influencing a healthier lifestyle for his family too.

Robert Shamoun

If you want to learn more about structural integration, be sure to visit our services page. It’s a great option for those who want their bodies returned back to basics. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our practitioners today.

Our online booking portal is efficient and easy to use, and we offer direct billing for most insurance providers. We are located in Woodbridge, and happily service all surrounding areas. 

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