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We love guest blogs, and this one was written by our friend Kris Dexter.

This article is different from what we typically post. It’s not going to talk about any specific treatments, and it’s not going to go into detail about results. It is, however, going to focus on the relationship between our practitioners at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and our clients.

Kris recounts her experiences with Crystal Tait, RMT/Co-Owner of Essential.

From Kris – Meeting Crystal At The Gym

I met crystal at my gym shortly after she gave birth to her daughter Macy, and I was instantly drawn to her outgoing and warming personality. I could tell she was a mama bear at heart, always looking to find a way to help someone improve their quality of life.

At the gym, Crystal would notice me cringe during specific movements. I would avoid doing some things because they weren’t my strength, or maybe because I had a nagging injury getting in the way. Most massage therapists I know would tell someone to stop doing a movement or to stop going to the gym altogether until injuries healed. Crystal, however, understood that working out was my therapy. She never told me to quit.

Crystal would give me quick fixes to help me feel better temporarily. A quick trap cupping or forearm fascia stripping, or even tape me up with KY tape to get me through a workout. She never asked for anything and would always do small, impactful things that helped me a lot.

My Experience At Essential

I started booking appointments to see her more regularly, and I remember the first “real” massage I got from her. We ended up arguing because she wouldn’t accept tips. She insisted that my getting better was the best form of a tip she could receive. 

Crystal suggested doing a 10-week program called structural integration. I didn’t have a sole injury that was causing me issues; rather, I had little things that would pop up all over my body. I had an overactivated trap, an annoying problem with my elbow, glutes not firing properly, plantar pain, and more. 

The Results Of SI

During and after the program, I don’t think I’ve ever felt better or performed better. I feel stronger now and haven’t any minor issues pop up since.

The other great thing I love about my relationship with Crystal is that she understands what it’s like to be a mom. She allows me to bring my 2-year-old son to appointments and helps entertain him. This has made each experience amazing and convenient for both my toddler and me.

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