Snow Shoveling Tips by Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy – Dr. Lavleen

The first thought that comes to mind for many people when they hear the word “Winter” is SNOW! It’s fluffy, soft, great for making snow-forts and snowmen but exhausting to shovel off of driveways and sidewalks.

Shoveling snow, if not done correctly, is a common cause of back pain during the winter season. So, we’ve compiled a helpful list for you to consider next time you head out to shovel the snow.

Here are some snow shoveling tips to help keep your back safe this winter season.

Don’t Catapult The Snow!

The best thing to do is push the snow to the side. Once the snow is placed at either side of the driveway or sidewalk, lift a small amount each time and gently toss it.

Use A Light Shovel

Buy a shovel that is lightweight and comfortable for you to use. This will put less tension on your joints and muscles.

One Layer At A Time

If they are calling for a heavy snowfall, then plan accordingly. Frequently shovel throughout the snowfall, so the snow doesn’t pile up and become too heavy. It will take you less overall time to shovel and prevent a possibly injury this way.

Ask For Help

If you are prone to injury, have a bad back, can’t lift heavy now, whatever the reason may be, ask for help! Get a neighbour, a friend or family member, or someone with a plow/snowblower to help you get the job done.

Don’t Do The Twist

When moving snow, use your feet to change direction instead of twisting your upper body. You’ll want to draw power from your legs and glutes when you are lifting and throwing the snow. Be very cautious of your movements and always plant your feet.

Bend Your Knees

Keep your back straight and bend your knees when lifting. As mentioned above, draw power from your legs and glutes, have a secure and comfortable stance, and plant those feet!

Take A Break

Always listen to your body! Shoveling snow is very physically demanding, so if you’re feeling tired, take a break.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shoveling!

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