Although the term ‘chiropractor’ is widely known, many people still don’t understand just exactly what their primary role is in your overall health.

So what does a chiropractor do.

A chiropractor is a trained doctor specializing in the neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, and bones). They are trained to find and correct subluxations, as well as decreased or dysfunctional movement of the spine, which can affect the nerves and muscles of the body.

Initial Examination

A chiropractic examination is done on the first visit to determine what is happening with a patient’s body. A thorough health history is taken beforehand, often providing clues on what should be looked at more closely during the exam. Neurological testing, orthopaedic testing, and the palpation of one’s spine is the bare minimum during an examination. Sometimes we require imaging to get a better look at things before treatment begins; it’s also why we don’t assume you’ll get adjusted during your first visit with us as a new patient!


Using all of the information that was gathered during the exam, we will determine, with your input and goals, the best course of care. Our treatment is called an adjustment. Its purpose is to restore movement and alignment back into the joints of the spine to allow for proper functioning and healing through the nervous system. Often, if someone is in pain, feeling better comes along with this! For others, it may time a little more time.

Types of Adjustments

We primarily use three types of adjustments in the office. Instrument assisted, drop table, or typical manual adjustments that take a person’s body to the end range of motion where the adjustment is then given. All are safe and gentle, but each provides its own pros and cons. Feel free to discuss your preferences with us!

How Many Appointments Will I need?

The number of visits you’ll need varies greatly on your health care goals and the issue you may have come in to deal with. Most of our patients come in for body maintenance. Just as they would take their car in for a regularly scheduled tune-up, they schedule themselves for a body “tune-up” at regular intervals. Other patients see us when they’re in pain.

Chronicity, severity, hydration, diet, and whether or not the patient exercises/trains or are sedentary are all factors that help us predict how quickly one might respond to care. Some respond more quickly than others.

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