The first question I generally receive from people is, “What are the Akashic Records?” Of course, they are curious. Skepticism is a natural human response. I had the same response when I first heard of the Akashic Records. It all faded once I had my first session. I resonated with the Akashic Records as many do.

The Akashic Records are compared to the World Wide Web containing vast amounts of information of the universe, a spiritual living internet. Many say it is like “google” for the soul. It also is said to be a library, a never-ending library filled with the records, the books of each soul, books of each entity such as businesses, relationships. We all have a unique blueprint.

How Would An Akashic Records Reading Assist Me On My Life Journey?

As I facilitate sessions for my wonderful clients, I experience that feeling every time: the feeling of peace, calm, unconditional love, which is why I do not feel depleted of energy when doing many sessions a day. The Akashic Records hold every thought, choice in this life and past lives, even future lives, and how it affects you right now in this life you are living.

The Records are all-knowing, giving us the information to know more about ourselves. They allow us to connect to our souls so that we are not stuck. Safe to remove blocks and release the need to control others and to use our voices to speak our truth.

Clients come to me wanting to know how to eliminate that “Groundhog Day’ pattern in their life, repeating the same mistakes over and over—being in the same kind of relationship over and over. They want to know why this is happening to them. Life purpose is also a huge question. Through an Akashic Session, when people come to see me, they have to do their part for it to work, be ready to move forward, release what’s not serving them. The process is incredible, life-changing, but for some, the Ego kicks in and it keeps them from moving forward.

How Many Sessions Do I Need To Notice A Change?

With a few sessions, that feeling starts to release and moving forward in life starts to occur, releasing old ties that have held the person back. It frees us from the idea that we are trapped. It helps to make us feel at ease with our lives. What we perceive, what we see, is not always everything, just a tiny touch of what is real. It helps you to heal from within.

When you remove subconscious blocks, the feeling of empowerment emerges. Each one of us has our own power, and lives transform with a new realization. Which road do they want to take? With you reading this, what road do you want to take?

Maria Grace Akashic Records Practitioner; QHHT, AURA, Soul Speak, Hypnosis; helping you with life issues, relationships, business, health issues, giving you the tools to empower yourself through this journey of life. Peel back the layers and see the incredible gift inside and outside of yourself.

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge at Essential Chiropractic.

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