Do you suffer from chronic lower back/sacroiliac (SI) pain?

Then this is a must-read for you! 

Your pelvis is a ring-shaped structure. Your spine is balanced on the back end of this “ring,” on top of a bone called your sacrum. To simplify it, the key to a happy lower back and pelvis is to make sure that the joints that make up this structure move well and are supported by musculature that ensures proper and symmetric movement patterns.

Pelvic Diagram to explain back pain

We have patients who come in for treatments that may not “hold” their pelvic or low back adjustments for chiropractors or our massage therapists and need the same area worked on over and over. “But I didn’t do anything! Why is it hurting?” Maybe not doing anything is the problem!

Back Pain – Habit Check:

Start by looking at your everyday habits. Look for symmetry. Do you sleep on your stomach? Is your leg hitched up on one side? Do you sit evenly on your sitting bones, or do you sit on an ankle? How do you sit when you watch TV? Is your spine straight or curved? Are your legs out to the side or the front? Always to one side? Do you spend a lot of time driving?

So What If I Do?

If your answer is yes, do you stretch your hip flexors, especially the right one? When sitting for work or school, do you collapse to the back of the chair, forcing it to support you or do your muscles stay active to hold you upright? Do you cross your legs? Always to one side? If it’s a posture, is it reasonable to expect your muscles to hold you up perfectly and without fatigue if you haven’t trained them to do so? When was the last time you strengthened and worked on your posture or stretched out your pecs that are pulling you forward? Pay attention, fix those habits, and talk with your practitioner if you need any guidance.

Stay healthy!

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