Numb Hands – Possible Causes

Suffering from numb hands? Do you find that your hands ever periodically fall asleep or go numb? Have you ever woken up from a night of sleep because your hand/arm fell asleep/is numb? Then this post is for you. Why Is This Happening? The feeling is [...]

Chronic Lower Back Pain / Sacroiliac (SI) Pain?

Do you suffer from chronic lower back/sacroiliac (SI) pain? Then this is a must-read for you!  Your pelvis is a ring-shaped structure. Your spine is balanced on the back end of this “ring,” on top of a bone called your sacrum. To simplify it, the key to a happy lower back and pelvis [...]

Maintaining Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

Why is maintaining chiropractic care and massage therapy important? For many reasons. We as humans deal with life's ups and downs daily, and taking care of ourselves is essential to our overall well-being. Take This Year For Example This year has brought a tremendous, unprecedented amount [...]

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

Although the term 'chiropractor' is widely known, many people still don't understand just exactly what their primary role is in your overall health. So what does a chiropractor do. A chiropractor is a trained doctor specializing in the neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, and bones). They are trained to find and correct subluxations, as well as [...]

Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow Shoveling Tips by Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy – Dr. Lavleen The first thought that comes to mind for many people when they hear the word “Winter” is SNOW! It’s fluffy, soft, great for making snow-forts and snowmen but exhausting to shovel off of driveways and sidewalks. Shoveling snow, [...]

Client Spotlight – Jay Nahri

Client Spotlight - Jay Nahri Jay was at the top of his game. A young tradesman; physical, strong and ambitious. But one day, his body gave him a warning that made him take his health into his own hands. That's when we first met Jay; he has been a patient [...]

How Chiropractic Care Impacts Your Nervous System

The above picture is a visual representation of what happens to your body when you have a chiropractic treatment. Read on to find out why! Chiropractic Care will help you fight! In two of our previous articles: Your Nervous System and Nervous System Part 2: Your Childs [...]

How To Correct Poor Posture

Poor posture is unfortunately prevalent in this day and age, and the main reason for that is technology! Technological advances, although wonderful, also happen to alter our spinal positioning. We are more inclined to sit all day, lean forward, and tilt our heads down while reading or using a device. [...]

Essential Questions: Meet Dr. Becky!

Introducing Dr. Becky | Vaughan Chiropractor What's your name?  Dr. Becky | Chiropractor Why did you become a Chiro/RMT?  I experienced a lot of lower back pain growing up. In university, it became a daily occurrence; I often fell sick—regular chiropractic adjustments provided aid. Not only [...]

Dr. Becky’s Daily Essential Tips

Our team holds a lot of experience between us. We sometimes forget to pass along this information, which seems commonplace to us, but might not be for everyone. In case you didn't know… now you know! Follow these daily essential tips to ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Becky's Daily [...]

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