Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers have a way of grabbing your attention. They will show up just about anywhere that will get you to take notice. I love looking at the time and noticing number patterns -- 3:33 as I wake up in the middle of the night or 11:11 / 1:11 letting me know that my [...]

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What Are Akashic Records?

The first question I generally receive from people is, “What are the Akashic Records?” Of course, they are curious. Skepticism is a natural human response. I had the same response when I first heard of the Akashic Records. It all faded once I had my first session. I resonated with the Akashic Records as [...]

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Benefits Of Reiki

Let's discuss 10 benefits of Reiki and its use in hospitals. Are you feeling stressed? Maybe you find it difficult to stay relaxed and calm? Perhaps you'd like to look for an alternative methodology that can assist you with this? Continue reading to learn more about Reiki's health benefits and how they can help [...]

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