Catherine Dawe | Registered Massage Therapist

Catherine Dawe is a graduate of the Humber College Massage Therapy Program, and is a Registered Massage Therapist. She has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2015.

“My time in school gave me the opportunity to hone in on my skills as a Massage Therapist. I was able to develop the confidence to treat conditions outside of my comfort zone. My background in this profession includes working with every type of patient, ranging from pregnant women and infants, to end of life hospice care. I have worked with professional athletes, and worked as a care provider offering treatment for patients with chronic illness. This profession has taught me that each patient will interpret pain different, and respond to treatment in a way that’s unique to them. That’s why every treatment plan is individualized to each specific patient. Whether it’s pain management, looking to get back to a pain-free lifestyle, or just simply taking time for yourself, I’m confident that everyone can benefit from treatment”.


Registered Massage Therapist (2015)

Kinesio Taping Provider (2016)

Cupping Certified (2017)

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