Dina Ibrahim | Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Dina Ibrahim has always been interested in alternative health since her early years studying kinesiology and health sciences during her undergraduate degree at York University. Kinesiology was what first opened Dina’s eyes to a different way of bringing health to the human body. After graduating from kinesiology she worked at a number of multi-dispensary clinics alongside physiotherapists and massage therapists for over 2 years.

During those years she worked one-on-one with many different patients providing strengthening exercises and placing them on various modalities. Dina began to notice that each individual was unique and no two individuals could follow the same program. This is when she realized she wanted to do more for patients other than providing exercise programs, which is what lead her to continue her education in Osteopathy.

Dina graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and has been practicing osteopathic manual therapy on a variety of cases such as musculoskeletal disorders, bone alignments, soft tissue disorder, joint and ligamentous strains as well as nerve entrapment. Osteopathy is an integrative health therapy taking into consideration all the systems in the body and providing gentle manipulation to restore motion and health in the body. Dina’s goal is to help patients using manual therapy while still drawing on her knowledge and experience in kinesiology.

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