Dr. Casey Baker | Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Casey Baker; prenatal chiropractor. She provides hand-delivered chiropractic care for the common difficulties in infancy, pregnancy and motherhood.

Dr. Casey was raised in Midhurst, Ontario where she played competitive hockey. She knew early on that she wanted to help people and was introduced to chiropractic care at a young age for headaches.

Dr. Casey is an advocate for chiropractic care for the entire family, at every stage of life. Throughout her schooling, she noticed a gap in care for prenatal, postnatal and pediatric populations which lead her to more training in these specific areas. Her approach to health care embodies looking at the person as a whole and implementing ways to improve their overall quality of life. She thoroughly enjoys educating patients and the community on how to take an active and proactive approach to healthy living. Although Dr. Baker is a specialized prenatal chiropractor, focusing on infancy and motherhood, she is happy to work with anyone who could benefit from her approach.

In her spare time, she is often outside hiking or snowshoeing with friends and family.

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