YES! We are able to direct bill most insurance companies. It all depends on your plan! Please make sure that you are registered to allow to direct bill (those with Manulife insurance) and double check if your plan requires a doctor’s note to be reimbursed for your service. Direct Billing is quick and easy.

For Massage Therapy, it is not recommended to exercise after a treatment For a Chiropractic treatment, it is encouraged (Unless Dr. Becky says otherwise).

The answer is every specific to why you’re coming in. Usually its best to speak with a practitioner to explain what you’re experiencing. Many of our clients see a chiro and a massage therapist that work together as a team to accomplish your health goals.

Although we are not a “sports focused” clinic, we have collectively seen athletes from many sports including hockey, soccer, football, gymnastics, golf, and dance.

YES! For Chiro and massage. And yes, it is safe for you and your baby.

No, we do not have physiotherapy at this time, but we have a couple therapists we refer to that are trusted that many of our patients see and love.

Certainly not. However, if we maintain our cars with things like oil changes and tire alignment, our bodies need maintenance visits, too? How long you benefit from chiropractic care is entirely up to you.

No! The “cracking” type of adjustments are one of three primary ways that Dr. Becky uses to adjust the spine. If you have a preference about this, let Dr. Becky know during your examination.

Patients get massages for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to just relax, please let your therapist know. Other “softer” types of massages include manual lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy massage.

You undress to your level of comfort. You will draped the entire time, except for the body part being worked on. Fascial work, done by Joanne and Crystal, usually require you to be in underwear/bathing suit.

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