Maria Grace | Reiki Practitioner

Maria Grace helps people that are looking to find their power, heal trauma (this life/past life), shift into better versions of themselves and transform their lives by helping to silence the inner critic. She offers life coaching, hypnosis, reiki and intuitive insight. Her studies have taken her to various parts of the world such as Egypt, Mount Shasta and Georgia.


A reiki session with Maria Grace helps you to ease your anxieties and release issues in your body through the healing touch of reiki, Egyptian oils, sound vibration and crystals. It’s a “healing experience”.

Akashic Reading

An Akashic reading with Maria Grace will help you learn, grow and better understand who you really are.  It will help you live your absolute best life right now. By pulling on a past life Maria Grace will help you clear, cut ties from past relationships and heal issues that are from past lives affecting you in this life today. Are you always entering into the same type of romantic relationship ending up with a broken heart so many times? Are you not able to keep or find the job you would like? Family members have you irritated and sad? Try an Akashic reading.

Relationship Clarity Reading

Did you know that we reincarnate with many of the same people time and time again?  Do you have a challenging person in your life that you need help better understanding?  Learning about your past interactions with one another gives you a fresh perspective as to why people behave the way they do.

Business Clarity Reading/ Financial Reading/Clearing

Would you like to get a better job or to find a job? Thinking of starting a business? An Akashic record reading can help smooth the way and help break blocks that are I your way.

Family Relationship Issues

Having issues with your family members? Let’s heal these issues and go into the ancestral ties and do further healing to help the past and future ties with your family.

Health Reading

Are you having pains in your body that are inexplainable or have pains and would like to know what they are related to? An Akashic reading/clearing can help ease the way and give you some answers.

Choose what aspect of your life you would like to discuss during your reading and Maria Grace will facilitate your journey into that aspect of your life.

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