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Client Spotlight – Jay Nahri

Client Spotlight - Jay Nahri Jay was at the top of his game. A young tradesman; physical, strong and ambitious. But one day, his body gave him a warning that made him take his health into his own hands. That's when we first met Jay; he has been a patient [...]

Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson

Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson Kevin came into our clinic, seeking nutritional advice. He was experiencing daily discomforts and wanted to find the source. Kevin's symptoms began to worsen in December of 2017, continuing on until March 2018. And it got to the point where he couldn't tolerate the discomfort [...]

Client Spotlight – Liana Crisolago

Client Spotlight – Liana Crisolago Liana Crisolago came into our clinic to seek nutritional counsel for a condition she was diagnosed with back in 2016. Being the strong woman that she is, Liana made the necessary changes to her diet, which ultimately lead her down a healthier path. Read on [...]

Client Spotlight – Sabrina Bilotta

Client Spotlight - Sabrina Bilotta The trauma of a car accident can have a significant impact on your body, both physically and mentally. For Sabrina, a fitness enthusiast and fitness instructor, a recent car accident left her with a mild concussion, and the inability to participate in and teach fitness [...]

Client Spotlight – Victoria Morello

Client Spotlight - Victoria Morello Victoria has been a client of ours for many years. She has worked with both Dr. Becky and Crystal Tait. With a positive attitude and a willingness to increase her overall health potential, she is a shining example of why we do what we do. [...]

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