weight loss

Client Spotlight – Tony Raposo

Client Spotlight - Tony Raposo Tony came into our clinic to meet with Aylin, our in house nutritionist. He came seeking advice on specific conditions and, overall, a weight loss. Working with Tony was a joy. It's a great feeling to help a client meet their goals, and it's even better [...]

Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson

Client Spotlight – Kevin Ferguson Kevin came into our clinic, seeking nutritional advice. He was experiencing daily discomforts and wanted to find the source. Kevin's symptoms began to worsen in December of 2017, continuing on until March 2018. And it got to the point where he couldn't tolerate the discomfort [...]

Metabolic Balance

What is metabolic Balance? Metabolic Balance is a food and nutrition plan based on an individual's medical history, blood chemistry, and food likes & dislikes. Each metabolic balance client will have bloodwork done at Lifelabs, where 36+ different blood values will be analyzed. Once the information is collected, it is [...]

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